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Portfolio Summary

The C‑Ton officet offers to leaders of companies, public, parastatal and private organisations assistance in the domains of administration, accounting and finance.

  • Choice and implementation of accounting software and business management, payroll and human resources.
  • Formalisation and implementation of accounting and control procedures.
  • Staff training
  • Optimisation of the existing organization.

It has also developed specific know‑ how as far as management control is concerned.

  • Setting up and monitoring a budget procedure.
  • Design of a budget and/or analytical accounting.
  • Implementation of management and dashboard reportions.
  • Mounting of projects.
  • Fund raising and financial arrangement.

The C‑Ton office advices its costumers on the most appropriate legal and tax structure choice for their environment project. It proposes the monitoring of all legal obligations for the preparation of various declarations. (CT, VAT, Taxes on the salary, etc.) An assistance to eventual controls, tax and social litigations.

The C‑Ton office assists the company by offering adapted accounting services at each step of its development and internal resources.

  • Complete assumption of the accounting and related work.
  • Permanent and punctual (accounting supervision) assistance to the accounting service of the company.
  • Preparation and validation of annual accounts and financial state.
  • Mounting of financial states, tax and statistic declarations. (DSF)-SYSCOHADA
  • Monitoring of social and tax controls.
  • Use of tax and social litigation.
  • Monitoring and management of tax and social litigation.

To ensure reliability and the quality of accounting information at best cost, the office has developed know ‑how in the following specific fields:

  • The setting up and/or review of administrative and control procedures.
  • Optimisation of the accounting and financial organization.
  • Assistance to the choices of accounting and management software and their implementation.

The C‑Ton office combines rigour and partnership in the strictest respect of the independence through an organisation of the audit mission coordinated with:

  • The company: an audit approach adapted to the company, designed to ensure the best anticipation of the stakes and a contribution to the amelioration of the accounting quality and internal control.
  • Clear, targeted and regular restitutions.
  • Ressources to the best level, reinforced by a political and technical presence in professional bodies of strict internal procedures, guarantor of the independence and the quality.
  • payroll audit and optimisation.
  • Payroll computerisation.
  • Assistance to the payroll management.
  • Management consultant of human ressources

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